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Introducing a pioneering initiative 1st time India: Share Market Home Tutor - personalized Share Market classes conducted at your location or residence. This service is tailor-made for individuals seeking one-on-one sessions, especially those unable to attend external classes. It caters to busy professionals such as Doctors, CEOs, Managers, Lawyers, Builders, and high-profile individuals who prefer the convenience of learning in the comfort of their own space, avoiding the need to go elsewhere or engage in online learning.

#1st Time in India, Learn Share Market Trading from Professional Trader at the Comfort of Your Location or residence.

Professional Share market Trainer at your home

Look no further if you're eager to master the art of share market trading! Our experienced and knowledgeable home tutors are ready to guide you at every step. No need to engage in in-convenient online classes to grasp the intricacies of the stock market, all from the comfort of your own home.

Online & Classroom Facility Available*

    Basics of Share Market
    Art of Value Investing
    Special Intraday Trading
    Fundamental Analysis
    Technical Analysis
    Demand & Supply Strategy (Now Trade with FIIs & DIIs)
    Derivatives Market (Futures and Options Trading)
    Commodity Market
    Currency Market
    Live Market trading with Professionals

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Let's see what our beloved students say about it.


Fundamentals of Share Market
Technical Analysis
Advanced Technical Analysis
Demand and Supply Strategy
Futures and Options
Advanced Hedging Strategies
Currency and Commodity (Forex)
Fundamental analysis is an essential tool for investors to make informed decisions, manage risks, and build a successful investment strategy.

1. Introduction to Share Market:

- Overview of the stock market, its functions, and the role it plays in the financial ecosystem.

2. Regulatory System of Share Market:

- Understanding the regulatory bodies and systems governing the share market to ensure a fair and transparent trading environment.

3. IPO (Initial Public Offering):

- Explanation of IPOs, the process by which companies go public, and how investors can participate.

4. How to Select a Company for IPO:

- Criteria and considerations for choosing companies when participating in an IPO.

5. Important Things to Check Before Applying for IPO:

- Key factors and due diligence steps to take before applying for an IPO.

6. Business Modules of a Company:

- Understanding the business model of a company, its market position, and the industries it operates in.

7. Peer Comparison of Company:

- Analyzing a company by comparing its performance and metrics with its industry peers.

8. Important Tools for IPO Selection and Fundamental Analysis:

- Overview of essential tools and methods used in analyzing companies and IPOs.

9. Important Ratios like PE, ROCE:

- Explanation of key financial ratios such as Price-to-Earnings (PE) ratio and Return on Capital Employed (ROCE).

10. Selection of Companies to Build Your Wealth:

- Strategies for selecting and building a diversified portfolio of companies for long-term wealth creation.

11. How to Create and Manage Your Share Market Portfolio:

- Practical insights on creating and effectively managing a share market portfolio.

12. Corporate Actions (Dividend, Bonus, Right Issue, Splits, Buy Back, OFS, etc.):

- Understanding various corporate actions and their impact on shareholders, including Dividend, Bonus Issues, Rights Issues, Stock Splits, Buybacks, and Offer for Sale (OFS).