What is ProfitMax Share Market
Mentorship Programme?

It is Opportunity to trade alongside of Professional Trader in Live Market to Practically Implement Intra-day & Swing Trading Trading Strategies in Live Market.

Objective of Mentorship Program

The ProfitMAX Share Market Mentorship Program is designed to make you a Professional Trader who can trade Independently & pursue their passion while making Money in Live Market Trading with Risk Management, Greed management and the major focus on trading psychology of traders.

Focus of Mentorship Program

To Make you Professional Trader

Trade Management

Stock Selection for Intraday Trading

Futures & Option Data Analysis

Risk management

Combination of Chart Analysis & F&O Data

Stock Identification for Swing Trading.

Snipper Entry Strategy for Nifty & Banknifty

Trading Psychology

Why is the ProfitMax Mentorship Program so Successful?

Our Mentorship programme assists the trader in overcoming practical obstacles to become a Professional Trader.
PROFITMAX Share Market Mentorship program is very successful & popular due below

Focus on Practical

While the majority of traders are aware of the principles, we see that they are rarely applied. Similar to how we learn to paint, technical analysis is a creative endeavour that can only be done via repetition.

Live Market
Trading Experience

It makes no difference how many technical patterns, smart indicators, and option techniques you are familiar with. Trading Experience & continuous practice with your emotional stability is equally vital to your trading success as your technical share market knowledge.

Guidance from
Professional Trader

Stock market is a field of dynamics & probability. You may not get success every day. Unstable mind can take you down the wrong path. Experienced Mentor can help to regain your confidence in tough situations & provide the right direction.

Roadmap to Become
Professional Trader

Every person has different skills, inputs, targets hence the roadmap to success is different for all. Mentor helps you to create your roadmap to become a successful trader.

How this Mentorship Program Works?

Pre-Open Market Analysis
Identify Opportunities for First Trade at 9:15 am
Monitor & Analyse Market for Next 15-20 Mins
Chart Analysis to Identify Right Entry Point

Trade Confirmation using Futures & Option Data Analysis.
Trade Execution
Finalise Trade โ€“ Right Entry, Target & Stoploss
Post Trade Discussion to understand Why Trade was taken & then result Analysis

Identify Trading Opportunities in Nifty & Bank Nifty options for Daily income.
Understand Stock Alert System & other tools to identify stocks for Intraday Trading
Understand F&O Data Analysis tools to identify stock for Swing Trading.
Analyse market conditions to study & implement different Hedging strategies