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    Anup Tiwari

    Anup Tiwari Courses Designed By

    He believes that with enough education, anyone can make money in the stock market. He mentors us at no cost to Profitmax because he is committed to spreading financial literacy to all segments of society. an accredited SEBI research analyst, he He has a Master of Science in Marketing from Mumbai's K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research. As a data analysis expert, he has earned the title of Six Sigma Black Belt. Because of his expertise in technical analysis, our students are better able to select the most promising stocks with which to grow their wealth. Now, he's devoting his time to learning about and developing new approaches to trading. He also has the necessary SEBI and NISM accreditations.

  • Trainer / Trader with 8 yrs Exp.
    Kalyani Pagar

    Kalyani Pagar Trainer / Trader

    Kalyani, a NISM-certified, is a very process-oriented, methodical trader and educator. She began her stock market career in 2016 as the apprentice of Anup Tiwari. Her combination of superior intelligence for technical analysis and infectious enthusiasm was remarkable. Kalyani is the sort of educator who will never stop encouraging you to reach new stock market heights. Someone who is not just unafraid of huge ambitions but also willing to take action to make them a reality. She has four years of experience at the highest levels of management in the food sector. She has achieved great success as a financial trader and instructor, mostly as a consequence of the analytical abilities she honed during her corporate career by participating in programmes such as NISM, Design of Experiment, and many others.

  • Trainer / Trader with 7 yrs Exp.
    Onkar Badhe

    Onkar Badhe Trainer / Trader with 8 yrs Exp.

    Onkar Badhe is a skilled trader who focuses mostly on the Bank Nifty. His expertise in Price Action and Options Trading has earned him respect. Onkar Badhe participates in the stock market as an investor. In 2015, Onkar joined the ProfitMax team to work under the direction of Anup Tiwari. The strength of his relationship with Anup and his eagerness to learn everything he can about a subject have enabled him to become an expert professional trader and professor. Onkar is likeable owing to his modesty, affability, and generosity. He has a captivating voice and demeanour. In addition to his natural excitement for teaching and his ability to explain any subject in simple English, these qualities have made him one of the most recognised and respected instructors at ProfitMax. With clarity of thought and language, confidence in presentation, and a lighthearted attitude to seminar facilitating.

  • Trainer / Trader with 5 yrs Exp.

    Raj Trainer / Trader with 3 yrs Exp.

    An IT Professional who loves Travelling & likes to publish his Travel blogs. He has passion for stock market trading. He has been a tremendous help to aspiring traders by employing analogies to break down complicated concepts into manageable chunks. Raj is an expert in chart analysis and he makes it easy for students to understand charts. He is a Price Action Trader & has built a good reputation for his ability to analyse market data and recognise patterns through meticulous chart reading. Raj is the type of guy who is prepared to roll up his sleeves and get to work when it comes to reaching Profitmax Academy's predetermined objectives.