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To provide individuals with accurate information, well-structured investment strategies, and efficient trading procedures so that they may increase their financial standing.


Our vision is to become the world's most trusted resource for training, trading, and investment advice.


It's Time to Earn with the Biggest Share Market Academy.

Comparing the stock market to a swimming pool, where one must first jump into the water before learning to swim, one can see that the best way to become proficient at trading is by actually doing it.
PROFITMAX is managed by Assured Profitmax Share Market Trading Advisory Services LLP.For all of your trading and investment needs, look no further than Profitmax. Our clients and students have been very satisfied with our services, and we have been awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification for our share market training academy. We think anyone can become financially successful by investing in the stock market, given the right information. We are aware that there is no way to become proficient in the stock market in a couple of days. Learning the market and making trades successfully requires consistent guidance. Providing this kind of assistance and service to customers in hotels or auditoriums is challenging. Because of this, we made it a priority to establish long-lasting facilities for our students and customers. We hope to eventually open additional branches all over Maharashtra and have already opened two in Pune. We are the country's first training centre to offer a no-cost trading cafe to its student body. In our Trading Cafe, our clients and students have access to a wealth of resources for the purpose of trading shares of stock. Instead of concentrating on quantity, we strive for excellence.
The Indian people have a well-deserved reputation for their thriftiness, and everyone, at some point in their lives, considers financial investment. Many of us make poor investments because of our lack of knowledge. We've developed our share market training courses in response to demand for information about the various investment and financial options out there. Our goal is to dispel the notion that the stock market is accessible only to the well-educated and those with established financial resources. We think everyone has the ability to profit from the stock market with the right guidance. While "Earn and Learn" is a well-known adage, PROFITMAX advocates "Learn to Earn" instead.
Our customers and students really enjoy the "PROFITMAX" environment. We don't promote or exaggerate our role as leaders in the field of stock market education, but rather, we aim to raise public consciousness about the possibility of gaining financial success through a dedication to the fundamentals and honesty in the market.


Our amazing Trainers. They are experienced full-time traders.

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