F. A. Q.

Why should I enroll in PROFITMAX's stock market courses rather than any other available stock market classes?
Do you have NISM-certified employees?
Does the institution have an ISO seal of approval?
Where can you find a local Profitmax store?
Can I receive training from ProfitMax in a language besides Marathi?
When it comes to the share market classes at ProfitMax, do they accept students who don't have a background in commerce?
Is there a chance to take classes at a distance, like online?
Do you provide recorded videos?
What is the most useful course for aspiring professional traders at ProfitMax?
I was wondering, what is the most recommended course for newcomers at ProfitMax?
Can anyone take the class, or is there a minimum age requirement?
Does ProfitMax teach swing trading strategies?
Where does this lesson go after this one?
How long has the average tenure of a member of the faculty been?
Does ProfitMax offer one-on-one training?
If installment plans are offered, I would like to enroll in these courses if possible.
I was wondering whether ProfitMax offered any portfolio management classes.
May I take this class again?
Can a Demat Account be opened with ProfitMax?
At what intervals do batches run?
Does ProfitMax offer distance learning?
What's the policy for refunding the deposit?